Programme ENGLISH

Vejlefjordskolen invites everyone to take part in the entire program this weekend.


17.30                 Accommodation

18.00-19.00     Supper in the dining hall

19.30-20.30     Evening devotion in the church. (HD) Melissa Myklebust.

20.30                 Refreshments

21.00                 Moonlight Football in the gym (for fun)

22.30                 Everybody is in their own building


8.30-9.30          Breakfast

10.00                 Panel debate / Sabbath School – the Pastoral Team

11.00-12.00     Worship Service in the church.  Melissa Myklebust.

12.30-13.30     Lunch

13.30 til 17.00 Café in the Aula – Maysie

16:00                 Tournament meeting

17.00-17.45     Supper

17.20                Sportshall opens and the teams are presented

17.55                 Vespers in the sportshall, closing the Sabbath.

18.00                 Tournament begins and lasts until 24.00

19.30                 Refreshments in the dining hall

22.30-23.30     The pool is open (Student Missionaries)

24.00                 The buildings are locked

Visiting time in the dormitories 15 – 17.00



7.00                   The tournament continues

7.30-8.30          Breakfast

8.00-9.30          All class-rooms inhabitants should clean and sweep after themselves. Tables and chairs are moved back to where they belong.

14.00 – 14.45  Medals are handed out

12.30-13.30     Lunch

17.30                 Supper

22.00                 Lock up

Visiting time in the dormitories 16.00 – 22.00


On duty: Henrik Jakobsen, Flemming Pedersen.

Referees: JBU (Region Football Association)


Referee table and sound: Emil.

Tournament program: HJ

Tournament leadership: HJ, FP

Event responsible: Vejlefjordskolen and the SDA Youth Department.

Remember to bring your own sleeping bag and matress  if you plan to stay overnight at the school. You will be sleeping in our classrooms. Only indoor shoes can be used in our sportshall. These shoes must have bright soles